When a baby enters the world, most of his antibodies are inherited from his mother. However, as a newborn starts nourishing, he is not maternally immune to diseases such as tetanus, polio, hepatitis B, whooping cough, pneumonia and so on.  Getting your child vaccinated ensures that he is safe and immune from various illnesses that may be fatal, too. Vaccination is a preventive measure that should be used mandatorily to shield your child and make his wellbeing certain. If a child gets exposed to any germ of a disease that he may not be vaccinated for, he may not be able to fight the disease to his full potential.

The vaccination for the children takes place step by step. A human body usually has to follow these steps to strengthen the fighting abilities of the body. Vaccines are crucial when given as they make antibodies in a person’s body which in turn increases the immunity. If an actual germ enters a child’s body, the antibodies from the vaccination given will fight the infectious germ on their own to protect the child and his body. These antibodies that act as a safeguard for a human, stays in the body for the rest of the life. This creates a barrier between the human body and the infectious germs, which is known as immunity.

How To Make The Vaccination Less Painful For Your Child?

  • Visit a pediatrician you trust. Choose a pediatrician that has a good amount of experience with children as his patients. The child may feel less stressed around a good staff of doctors and nurses.
  • Don’t demotivate your child by saying things such as “i know it is painful to get an injection”. Instead use affirmative sentences such as “you were so brave at the doctor’s clinic”. This would help you in the long run by helping your child gain self-confidence.
  • If your child is nervous about getting the vaccination shot, try distracting him by making funny and pleasurable noises. Remember not to use voices that might scare him away.
  • Keep fancy adhesive bandages with dolls or cartoons handy at your home so when its time for a change, the child can have something to be excited about and feel less to no pain.
  • Reward your child with some fun activities to carry on after the visit.

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