There is no denial in the fact that dental care is very crucial to maintain a healthy structure of the entire body. Putting it in simple words, if you can’t eat well, your body won’t be able to perform well. And this is not only limited to the aspects of eating. The perfect health of our mouth is essential for a lot of things and this is where dentistry comes to help.

Dentistry is associated with the disease of teeth, gums, jaw and mouth and it includes medical practices like complete diagnosis, treatment and prevention of any disease occurring in these sections of the mouth.

Although a lot of people believe that dentistry involves the treatment of teeth only but in reality, it is responsible for the entire oral care. Dr Agarwal multi speciality clinic has been offering best-in-class dental care for over three decades and bringing smiles back again on those faces that were suffering from oral health issues of some sort. There are several aspects in which the oral cavity can be affected and having proper dental care is very necessary to avoid such issues.


With the help of proper dental Care, you can prevent tooth decay which can lead to tooth or bone loss in some cases. Another major issue that is addressed by dentists is the bad breath which can be caused due to bacteria in your mouth. Apart from that, dentistry will help you overcome any problems that are offered by consumption of certain food, beverages or tobacco and help you keep up with your beautiful smile.Dr agarwals multi speciality clinic is not limited to provide medical or surgical treatments for dental care only. We also specialise in the cosmetic approach of dentistry which includes teeth whitening, gum reshaping, implants and a lot more including the entire dental makeover which make you smile flawlessly and be confident about your personality. With the help of most advanced medical technology and years of expertise, Dr agarwal’s clinic is renowned for its impeccable dentistry services.

Case 1 – Total Rehabilitation using Implants

Case - 2 - Full mouth Rehabilitation with All – on – Four Implant Concept

The area of dentistry is not limited to surgical procedures only to eliminate any problems in the mouth cavity. Cosmetic dentistry allows a Dentist to alter the shape and size of teeth to look better. Smile designing consists of a number of procedure that varies as for individual preferences and case. This smile designing also includes teeth straightening, teeth whitening, dental bonding, repair of a broken tooth, and also the use of veneer or other implants to develop a better smile on the face. Teeth whitening is one of the most common procedures referred by a lot of people to get rid of pale yellow teeth. Braces are being used for a long time to straighten out the teeth. These procedures may require multiple settings which vary according to the desired output and procedure opted.

In traditional dentistry, for the past many decades, only bridges and dentures were used by the people who have missing teeth to provide them a substitute. With the introduction of dental implants, the entire scenario has been changed because these implants act as the replacement roots of the teeth that have been damaged due to disease or injury. Implants provide a sturdy foundation to the teeth, both permanent and temporary. Dental implants feel and appeared like your natural teeth which makes it easier for you to talk or eat and blend perfectly with the natural shape and appearance of the rest of the teeth. Dental implants can last for many years and they do not affect your oral health. It is a surgical process that requires implantation of titanium structure into the jawbone which will be connected with the newly developed tooth. The dentist will take an impression of your teeth on a mold to recreate exactly same teeth as the existing ones so the implanted teeth natural.

Untreated dental cavities can lead to the infection of the root pulp of the tooth and cause severe pain. Root canal treatment aimed at restoration of such teeth. In this procedure, the infected pulp is removed with the help of minor surgery, teeth are disinfected and filled again. It may require one or more sittings depending upon the area of sensitivity and case history. Fully grown teeth can survive easily without the pulp as it gets nourished from the surrounding tissues. This procedure is usually completed in 15 to 20 minutes under the influence of anesthesia to make it painless and you can easily return to your normal routine after getting the procedure done.

It is a special area of dentistry which deals in correction, diagnosis, and prevention of displaced and poorly positioned tooth medically termed as malocclusion. Malocclusion is a condition when teeth are not properly positioned. Braces, aligners, headgear, and retainers are commonly used by orthodontist to straighten out the teeth and provide you a beautiful smile. With the help of these fixed and removable appliances, an orthodontist aims to naturally position the teeth in a prolonged period of time. With the help of these appliances, teeth are forced to word the proper alignment and slowly, reposition themselves in the same. Orthodontics is useful to treat issues like closing the gap between teeth, aligning, and straightening of teeth.

With age, the floor of the maxillary sinus deepens causing a decrease in the bone thickness above the upper jaw. Sinus lift is a kind of oral surgery that is done to restructure and reconsolidate the bone with bone graft material. It is particularly important in implant surgery where adequate bone thickness is needed for anchorage. With the help of the sinus lift procedure, it is is possible to regain bone space for placement of implants.
All on 4 and all on 6 procedure is done when a patient is facing complete or partial loss of teeth on the jaw. This procedure refers to the surgical placement of dental implants in your jaws. With the help of ‘all on’ approach, it is now possible to implant the entire set of teeth very quickly. All on four and all on six refers to the number of dental implants that are made in your jaw to support the new set of teeth. So 4 or 6 implants are used to support the entire alveolar arch.

Periodontics is the area of dentistry that deals in the prevention treatment and diagnosis of periodontal disease which refers to gum problems. It also deals with issues like oral inflammation. This dental specialty is focused on the prevention of gum decay due to oral inflammation which affects the teeth structure and strength. in simple words, it is the area which deals with the treatment of supporting structures like gums, jaw bone in the oral cavity. It includes procedures like scaling etc, root surface debridement in which the damaged tissue is removed, and regenerative procedures where the lost bone and tissue are regenerated. Gingivitis is one of the most common problems which requires the attention of periodontist.

Maxillofacial trauma refers to any physical trauma that is associated with the face. It includes fractures, bruises, lacerations, broken bones, and soft tissue injury. People who met with vehicle accidents commonly face issues like this. A direct hit or blow on the face can cause any of these issues and lead to the disfigurement of the face which is a serious issue. There are several treatment options available in the modern field of dentistry to overcome the problems arising due to facial trauma and restructure the face. These procedures commonly include treatment of jaw fracture, nerve damage, skin burns, tissue damage, etc. The treatment varies significantly depending upon the area of impact and the damage.