About Dr Aggarwal's

Dr. Aggarwal’s Multi-Speciality Clinic started as “The Chandigarh Centre for Implant and Restorative Dentistry” in May 1984 as one of the earliest dental practices in the Tricity. 36 years and half a million patients later, it has transformed into a center providing world-class standardized care by qualified professionals while retaining the founding ethos of maintaining an ethical practice. We have built a reputation for having a no-nonsense approach to surgical procedures and bringing the best possible health care to happy clients from all over the world.
Our team of medical and healthcare experts strongly believes that every single patient we support deserves a person eccentric approach in order to make every single moment they spend with us thoroughly enjoyable without worrying about medical procedures. In order to provide this individual care, our team listens carefully to what people have to say and work closely with the patients to find out their likes, dislikes, choices and other factors to develop a care plan.

Equipped with state of the art machinery for dental, cosmetic and child care, we are one of the most recognized healthcare providers in Chandigarh and our legacy is well spoken by high figures of patient satisfaction which is not limited to the boundaries of city only but followed by numerous patients from other regions of India as well as abroad.

Our vision

Dr. Aggarwal’s Clinic envisions to cure the patients with dental problems with best of expertise, advanced technology, and to provide a patient friendly health care facility for treatment. Dr. Aggarwal’s Clinic with its team of highly expert medical staff is committed to bring the most cutting edge technology in the field of dental surgery and offer the patients safe dental surgery in India.

Our misson

To achieve this mission, Dr. Aggarwal’s Clinic is guided by the following statements:

  • Provide a comprehensive range of dental services
  • Maintain highest standards
  • Develop a patient friendly environment so that it is accessible by all sections of the society
  • Provide comprehensive dental treatment from intensive care, non surgical intervention to dental surgery with rehabilitation
  • Provide transparent and informed treatment
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