Caring for our Children is a basic human instinct. We have created a clinical practice where scientific evidence, Ethics and dedication converge to create a clinic to keep our little ones smiling. We believe that training matters and with training from the best institutes our nation has to offer, we are very well equipped to take care of your children’s needs. We’ve committed ourselves to developing knowledge across a spectrum of pediatric medicine that address challenges in order to create a brighter future for our kids.

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful moments of every parent’s life but it is very essential to have proper medical care for the newborn. A series of tests are performed on every newborn baby nowadays to ensure it’s proper physical health and address any underlying medical issues which need immediate medical attention. Some common factors that are monitored in these tests are heart rate, reflux response, muscle tone, hearing ability and even the colour of skin. Apart from that, newborns are screened for certain medical conditions because early detection of such conditions will be helpful for the prevention of treatment. These tests are usually with the help of advanced blood tests. The team of medical experts ensure that all necessary measures are taken for the perfect health of your baby.

Vaccination is one of the most important preventive measures to safeguard your child with many harmful diseases and the process of vaccination starts as soon as the baby is born. With the development in the field of medicine, it is now possible to prevent many life threatening diseases with different kinds of vaccines from the time of birth only. A newborn baby is usually given vaccines to prevent hepatitis, polio, rotavirus, Hib, pneumonia, chickenpox, measles etc. You will be provided with a follow up chart for these necessary vaccinations to be done along with the timeline. Since the newborn baby is more prone to infections, it becomes more important to provide the shield of vaccines to safeguard your child with such critical diseases.

You will be surprised to know that your baby grows and develops different capabilities every single day since he or she was born. That is why, it is necessary to monitor the growth and development of a child at every step to ensure it’s perfect health. Pediatricians have developed different assessment methods to record the development of the baby and to find any signs of illness or necessity of healthcare that might be hindering the growth process. Medical experts closely analyse hearing, visual, motor skills, weight, growth curve and several other factors to find out whether the baby is growing properly or not. This assessment also helps them to find out whether the baby is under or over nutrition. If any shortcoming appears in this growth analysis, it can help the doctors to find out the cause and stage the required medical care to eliminate it and keep the baby healthy.

For a newborn, breast milk is the ideal source for all the required nutrition because it consists of numerous vitamins and minerals necessary for growth and development of the baby. But it is necessary to assess that the baby is receiving all the necessary nutrients in the right quantity. Having proper nutrition in infancy and early years of life is a key requirement for child growth to full potential. Pediatricians will help you to develop a nutrition chart to fulfill all your child needs. They may also conduct some tests to find any sort of over or under nutrition. With the help of proper nutrition counselling, you will be able to determine your child nutritional needs and allergies and also prepare a food chart with specific time to fulfill any shortcoming.

Newborn babies are more prone to infections because they have a poor immune system which is developing day by day since their birth. Their body can’t fight with bacterial or virus attack like an adult which can make any infection very critical. A newborn child receives antibodies from the breast milk only which makes breastfeeding more important. Infections are troublesome for babies because they can get sick very quickly and it can affect the growth and development also. A newborn baby can even catch infections from the mother and it is important to find out any sort of infection at an early stage to begin with necessary medical procedures. Pediatricians closely monitor baby’s health at frequent intervals of time to look out for any infectious development because time is very crucial in such cases for a complete recovery and effective outcome of the treatment.

Paediatric nephrology is the area of medicine which specifically deals with kids having problems in kidney, urinary tract, bladder, high blood pressure etc. Pediatric nephrologists assist your child health care needs from infancy to adolescence. These medical experts diagnose, treat, and manage a lot of medical conditions which affect the kidney and urinary tract which commonly includes kidney failure, high BP, inherited kidney diseases, kidney stones, blood or protein in urine, urinary tract infections etc .They are also responsible for evaluation and treatment of chronic kidney diseases.
Pediatric nephrologists work together with a team of medical experts which include nurses, dieticians, and other doctors to take care of children with kidney diseases.

Lab Facilities

Laboratories play a crucial role in hospitals where tests can be conducted to identify medical problems. The significance of medical tests for new born babies is a very important aspect because they are more prone to infections and diseases. Keeping this in concern, Dr Aggrawals Multi speciality clinic is equipped with state of the art laboratory machines and testing equipment to provide a thorough medical study of every child. Having a team of experienced lab technicians and the latest machinery crucial for newborn and child care hospitals. with the help of lab tests and other screening methods, pediatricians are able to assess the health and development of newborn babies and find out any alarming factors that might affect the existing and upcoming health conditions. Finding about any sort of abnormalities or threats at an early stage is crucial for recovery and treatment. With the help of advanced screening methods and best-in-class medical technology, doctors can identify and start treatment plans for certain conditions before it can make the baby sick. This is a very important factor for sustainable growth and development of babies in the beginning years of their life.
If such conditions are not identified at an early stage, they can lead to health issues in future and can also raise critical illness. With the help of modern lab tests such conditions can be averted.