Axillary Breast

Axillary Breast is the extension of breast tissues which gradually cover the area of armpits. They can affect either one or both sides, which results in making the normal shape of the armpit looking deformed and bulky.

Causes of Axillary Breast Tissues:

Mostly there are two major causes for Axillary Breast Tissues. Either they are caused due to genes or by rapid weight gain. In most of the cases , it is noticed that when body adapts some hormonal changes during pregnancy specially when they start lactating and feeding their babies post pregnancy, they suffer from Axillary breast tissues development. This is due to abnormally located breast tissue in the axilla which enlarges during lactation. . In general, Axillary breast tissue are a hard composition of fat and glandular tissue in the area of armpits , resulting in bulging them and making them look weird and unpleasant.

Reasons to Opt for Surgery:

  • It Spoils the aesthetics of Your Body Shape.
  • It may affect the normal movement of arms.
  • difficulty in wearing your favourite clothes (clothes without sleeves) and Innerwear due to improper size of breasts.

Benefits of Surgery:

  • Aesthetic Body Shape
  • Removal of unwanted Skin Contours from Underarm Area
  • Boost your Confidence to Wear Your favourite Clothes and innerwears.

Methods Performed for Surgery:

Axiallry Breast Removal Surgery is performed by using following methods.

  • Liposuction
  • Open excision

(Note : the use of above mentioned methods totally depends upon the type of case .) In most of the cases surgery is performed through liposuction only and in some cases, liposuction is used along with open excision.


Lisosuction is the most commonly used technique, these days for the removal of excess fat / skin tissues deposited in specific areas of human body like thighs, buttocks, hips and arms. It is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove the unwanted skin. Liposuction is also known with some other names such as Lipoplasty and Body Contouring.

It is performed using a small keyhole incision and unwanted fat is sucked out and the axilla is contoured.


Excision is a surgical process under which a cut is made into the axilla. The incision is planned in such a way that is not easily noticeable in the front and side profiles of the patient. Generally liposuction alone gives great results. Open excision is supplemented in cases where hard glandular tissue is not amenable to liposuction. The glandular tissue is removed with immaculate surgical technique taking care not to injure any important structure in the axilla.

Post Surgery Precautions:

  • Avoid Heavy physical activities.
  • Follow the use of compressive garments as advised by the surgeon
  • Follow the proper medication for soothing and Scar free skin.
  • Don’t come in direct exposure with sunlight.
  • Take very good care of personal hygiene to Avoid any kind of bacterial and fungal infection
  • In case of any discomfort, Contact your Surgeon.

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