Earlobe repair is a quick and effective cosmetic surgical procedure to correct ears stretched by ear piercing (flesh tunnels) or torn ear lobes. Split Ear Lobe is a normal finding in all women and occur due to laxity of skin with age.

Q. What is earlobe repair?

Earlobe repair is a very short procedure which is done for fully ripped ear lobes or partially torn earlobes which make it difficult to wear earrings. We perform the procedure under local anesthesia and repair is done with nylon 6-0 or prolene 6-0. Ear piercing can be done as early as 2 weeks after the procedure and u can wear your favorite pair of earrings again. We offer both Ear piercing gun and surgical piercing as well.

Earlobe repair

Q. How is sutureless earlobe repair performed?

In sutureless earlobe repair, we ablate either side of the flesh tunnel (the overstretched ear piercing) with radiofrequency ablation machine under local anesthesia, following which surgical glue is applied to closely apposed surfaces to close the tunnel. We as plastic surgeons do not acknowledge this technique to be in any way better than the surgical techniques. Moreover, the complication rate is manifold higher with the sutureless repair.

Q. How is surgical earlobe repair performed?

In this procedure lobe repair we remove the excess skin tissue with a blade under local anesthesia and the surfaces are rejoined using fine internal and external sutures.

Q. What post-procedure precautions need to be observed?

Post the procedure, the area would be bandaged and left in place for 2 days. Some medication would be given which must be taken regularly for 5 days post-procedure Avoid wetting the area for 2 days. Sutures are removed after 5 -7 days.